LIFELOVEMUSIC is more than a clothing line. We believe that we are called to be the light of the world, to bring heaven to earth. by sheltering the homeless, giving food to the hungry, water to the thirsty healing to the sick. By loving the unlovable and sacrificing our lives for others. This is our personal mission at LLM, and we hope to inspire others to be the same. We want to offer people the opportunity to bring change to their world through purchasing relevant apparel with conversation starting messages that directly give to mission based organizations such as Compassion, World Vision and Mocha Club. We want to give people practical ways to become involved not just by purchasing a shirt from us but by inspiring to live their lives differently. This past summer we saw thousands of people join our movement ‘ We Must Be The Change ’ which was very exciting ! Help us spread the message of God‘s call to live our lives differently. To love unconditionally. To help when it costs us something. To speak when we feel at a loss for words. That we might truly know God working through us.

One of the owners of LLM, is Ben Kasica lead guitarist of the band SKILLET. Ben started with the band when he was just 16 year old and in the 9 years with them has sold collectively over 800,000 records with their last record Comatose going Gold. Their latest release Awake, debuted on Billboard at #2 in the US and has been featured on the WWE, NFL Football, Mtv2 and Fuze Tv. They've had 2 Grammy Nominations, numerous Dove Nominations, 1 Dove Award, and a long list of #1 singles on Christian Radio. Ben has always had a passion for designing apparel and loved the opportunity to join up with a company that shares a similar heart for fashion and ministry. "We hope to inspire people to live their lives differently. To not just see the needs of people and turn away but to face real things, like hunger, homelessness, poverty and do what they can to make a difference and bring change." Ben is constantly on the look out for the latest trends as well as new opportunities to get involved with mission based organizations.